About us

The only Romanian manufacturer of polycarbonate!

We are Carboplak – the only polycarbonate manufacturer in Romania!

With over 14 years of experience, we produce polycarbonate sheets in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, standard and special sizes, to the highest standards and always with a quality guarantee!

Carboplak polycarbonate sheets are made 100% in Romania, in our factory located near Bucharest. We have our own production line, which allows us to guarantee the permanent availability of stocks.

Innovation is the main way we grow. We approach projects and experiences by offering new solutions that best meet the interests of customers, the team and society in general.

Our recommendations, solutions and promises are 100% reliable and responsible.

In good times or less good, loyalty remains a matter of honor for us!

At Carboplak you will only find:

01 Clear commitment to meeting your needs.

02 A reliable partnership throughout your needs

03 Professionalism and guidance at every stage

04 Guaranteed quality from point 0 until the end of the work.

Brief history of the company

Carboplak was established in 2008, by dividing the activity of a plastics company. Because we want to be the best, we use the most modern technology, aligned with the European standards, to produce high quality polycarbonate products.

Thus, at Carboplak we constantly offer the best products, both to Romanian customers and international collaborators. They are constantly tested both in our laboratory and in external facilities.

Since 2016, we have joined the largest distribution group of raw materials for the plastics industry, HROMATKA GROUP MANAGEMENT AG – an international group that has in its portfolio companies from 23 countries and technical expertise at the highest level.

Carboplak activity at present

Through the experience gained so far and through the continued development of the company’s resources, both in terms of human capital and the technology we work with, we currently take pride in a team of 35 professionals specialized in polycarbonate production and consulting and services, at international standards.

The Carboplak portfolio includes collaborators from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Austria, and our sales team is ready to provide advice and consultation for the entire range of polycarbonate products and solutions.

Both now and in the future we will continue to invest in the development of production capacity, expand the product portfolio and always provide the best quality polycarbonate products and complete solutions for all our partners.

Since 2021, we produce in our new location in Ștefăneștii de Jos, near Bucharest.

Contact us via the contact form, by e-mail or by phone. Carboplak helps you find out everything you need to know about polycarbonate!

Certifications and certificates

We hold the Quality Management System Certification according to SR EN ISO 9001: 2015, and our products are manufactured in accordance with SR EN 16153:2013 + A1:2015, for flat multi-walled, transparent polycarbonate (PC) sheets, for use in interior and exterior in roofs, walls and ceilings.

The values of our company are:

A team with validated skills in various fields

The experience appreciated by our partners

Flexibility in making products

Promptness in customer service

Professionalism in approaching new projects

The possibility of storage at the customer's order