Polycarbonate skylights are products designed to transmit natural light inside closed spaces and provide good thermal insulation. One of the great advantages of these polycarbonate skylights is the great saving of electricity.

Polycarbonate skylights are easy to install and can be used both for facades and for roofs and exterior walls.

The advantages that support the use of polycarbonate skylights are:

  • decrease in energy costs;
  • up to 10 times less weight than glass;
  • guaranteed protection against mechanical shocks;
  • the cellular structure of the material gives refraction and dispersion of light beams, improving the transfer of natural light through the roof or facade of the building;
  • due to the narrow ribs of the cells, polycarbonate skylights offer excellent resistance to hail impact;
  • the multi-chamber cellular structure of the polycarbonate profiles improves the degree of thermal insulation of the building and reduces the possibility of condensation under the polycarbonate sheets.