Technical data

Density1,2 + 5 %g / cm3
Resistance to bending> 50MPa
Type of bending elasticity> 2200MPa
Tensile strength>50MPa
Percentage elongation at tensile fracture> 50%
Charpy shock resistance> 10 without breakingkJ / m2
Vicat softening temperaturemin.145°C
Light transmission ( transparent plate )82%

Assembly details

  • The polycarbonate cellular sheets can be installed vertically, inclined or practically horizontally, with a minimum slope of 50 and with the cells perpendicular to the roof
  • The installation of polycarbonate sheets is the last operation after other construction work that could damage the sheets (e.g. welding, painting, ).
  • For proper ventilation and to avoid condensation inside the cells, they should be sealed with self-adhesive aluminium tape on the upper side and with self-adhesive micro- perforated aluminium tape on the lower
  • The protective foil must be removed from the panels only when all the installation work has been completed and within 14 days of installation (otherwise there is a risk of scratching, painting of the panels or sticking of the foil by environmental factors).

In order to achieve the optimum dimensions of CARBOPLAK panels and to ensure that they are fixed in such a way that they can withstand the intended loads, it is necessary to take into account the following when laying them:

  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: of 5 x 10-5 K-1 corresponding to an expansion of 0.065 mm/m x 0C. Provision should be made for fixing the plate in a suitable structure.

The following expansion joints shall be provided for each clamping:


Expansion joint

500 mm

3 mm

1000 mm

5 mm

1500 mm

7 mm

2000 mm

10 mm

3000 mm

15 mm

  • Wind loading: A maximum arrow of 50 mm in the centre of the plate is considered
  • Snow load: Snow load is considered to be a uniform load perpendicular to the roof axis.

Mounting accessories

  • Polycarbonate profiles
    • H-profiles for joint between sheets and interior environment
    • edge U-profiles for closing the ends
  • Aluminium profiles for joints with EPDM rubber seals for mounting the tiles in the external environment.
  • Mechanical fixing screws and screw protection parts with EPDM seals
  • Self-adhesive aluminium tape
  • Neutral silicone putty compatible with polycarbonate

Maintenance instructions

  • Periodic cleaning of polycarbonate sheets is recommended
  • Cleaning should be carried out with hot water under pressure, slightly alkaline or steam
  • It is forbidden to use solvents for cleaning
  • Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning or maintenance of the boards.

Technical data sheets