Polycarbonate presentation

Polycarbonate sheets are flat, cellular sheets with 2 or 3 UV-protected walls on one side and 7 walls with UV protection on both sides, produced by extrusion. Standard sizes are 2100 x 6000 mm or any size on request, in thicknesses between 4 and 20 mm. The sheets are available in a range of colours from clear, opal, bronze, blue, red, green.

On request, for special projects, Carboplak can also supply plates in non-standard sizes, straight off the production line giving our partners a competitive advantage by eliminating mounting losses.

CARBOPLAK plates are produced according to the European standard SR EN 16153:2013, in a Quality Management System implemented and certified by SC QUALITAS SA, Certificate No. QC/1069, valid until 23.04.2021 and benefit from specialized advice, manufacturer prices and fast delivery from CARBOPLAK SRL.

CARBOPLAK SRL guarantees for a period of up to 10 years from the date of sale that CARBOPLAK boards are protected from the harmful effects of UV rays and will not suffer significant changes in yellowing index or mechanical properties.