Mounting accessories

Polycarbonate U profile

The U profiles ensure an aesthetic closing of the polycarbonate sheets, protecting them from dust and the weather. These profiles have the role of protecting the sheets against degradation due to humidity and do not replace the application of ventilation or sealing tapes.

Polycarbonate H profile

Polycarbonate H profiles are used to assemble (join) polycarbonate sheets. The H profiles have the role of joining the sheets; they do not offer a load-bearing function and do not guarantee the waterproofing of the awning.

Aluminum profiles

They are used together with the related EPDM gaskets, to join and fix the polycarbonate sheets. It is the recommended assembly solution for a very good sealing and a long life.

Ventilation strips | Sealing tapes

The sealing tapes are used to seal the side edges, preventing the infiltration of dust inside. To promote ventilation, respectively the evaporation of water inside the rooms, we recommend ventilation strips, which retain dust through a fabric filter and facilitate ventilation. To protect the strips against erosion, it is recommended to use a suitable polycarbonate or aluminum profile.

Polycarbonate washers

They are universal fixing elements; they have as main objectives to fulfill: a strong and durable fixation of the polycarbonate sheets on the metallic structure of the greenhouse and a very good thermal insulation in the fixing points, thus forming a barrier against the penetration of cold and precipitation inside the greenhouses.

For this very reason, these washers must have a superior quality, be safe, resistant to external influences and mechanical demands.