Cellular polycarbonate with fiber glass

Polycarbonate sheets are flat, cellular, 2-walled sheets, UV protected on one side, obtained by the extrusion process.

Standard dimensions are 2100 x 6000 mm at thicknesses between 4 and 10 mm. The sheets are available in a variety of colors and designs: transparent, opal, black, bronze, blue, red, green and with fiberglass insert.

On order, for special projects, Carboplak can also supply tiles in non-standard sizes, directly from the production line, offering our partners a competitive advantage by eliminating assembly losses.

Policarbonat celular cu fibră de sticlă
CARBOPLAK MW PC CBK 4 mm 2 W6 mm 2 W8 mm 2 W10 mm 2 W
Separating wallsXXXX
Residential greenhousesXXXX
Industrial greenhousesX
Verandas and pedestrian walkwaysXX
Sit rape skylightsX
Covering public transport spacesX