Industrial greenhouses

One of the most resistant types of greenhouses is that made of polycarbonate, a rigid plastic material, almost as transparent as glass.

Polycarbonate is easy to cut and install. The air between the two walls of an industrial greenhouse acts as an insulator, while the light transmission through this material is very good. Whether you want to build an industrial greenhouse, or whether you want to replace the roof of an already existing greenhouse, our team offers you the ideal polycarbonate for your project.

We produce polycarbonate for industrial greenhouses in various sizes and shapes, for a variety of fields of application and for all climatic conditions.

Polycarbonate greenhouse installations are characterized by a number of advantages in the form of:

  • Ease of installation work;
  • Having an excellent thermal insulation performance;
  • High degree of sound insulation;
  • High transparency that allows natural light;
  • The presence of a special layer that protects plants from ultraviolet radiation;
  • High degree of resistance and durability. Compared to glass, this indicator is significantly higher in polycarbonate;
  • Opportunities for use throughout the year due to increased protection against wind and snow loads;
  • High fire protection (does not spread flames or sustain combustion).