Cellular polycarbonate 2 walls

Polycarbonate sheets are flat, cellular, 2-walled sheets, UV protected on one side, obtained by the extrusion process.

Standard dimensions are 2100 x 6000 mm, at thicknesses between 4 and 10 mm. The sheets are available in a wide range of colors and designs, from transparent, opal, black, bronze, blue, red, green, to those with fiberglass insert.

On order, for special projects, Carboplak can also supply sheets in non-standard sizes, directly from the production line, offering our partners a competitive advantage by eliminating assembly losses.

Policarbonat celular 2 pereți
CARBOPLAK MW PC CBK 4 mm 2 W6 mm 2 W8 mm 2 W10 mm 2 W
Separating wallsXXXX
Residential greenhousesXXXX
Industrial greenhousesX
Verandas and pedestrian walkwaysXX
Sit rape skylightsX
Covering public transport spacesX