Polycarbonate for fences

This light and modern material blends perfectly with many other materials, combining in various versions; you can not only achieve an aesthetic design with high decorative properties, but also save the amount of more expensive materials

Cellular polycarbonate from Carboplak is light, durable, with varying degrees of transparency and does not require finishing.

When we choose the color of the fence, we can take into account the surrounding objects, in the yard, to inspire us and be part of the desired project.

A metal fence with forging elements looks very good in combination with polycarbonate sheets in bronze (smoky) color.

If we have a pool, we can choose a blue sheet.

And if we are surrounded by a lot of greenery, we can opt for green, transparent, or even black, depending on everyone’s preferences.

Such properties make it an ideal candidate for applications in the construction industry and beyond.