Avantajele placilor de policarbonat

Advantages of polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are a durable, easy-to-use and useful building material for a wide range of projects. In industrial as well as residential construction, polycarbonate sheets are increasingly used due to several unique characteristics. Being very versatile, polycarbonate sheets could become the perfect solution for your project. The article outlines the advantages of using polycarbonate sheets and provides important details to know before deciding which type of material best suits your project.

Advantages of polycarbonate sheets Polycarbonate sheets or glass?

Being 2 times lighter and 200 times stronger than glass, polycarbonate sheets are a favourite for both interior and exterior construction projects.

Polycarbonate sheets – suitable for any project

They are used successfully in many areas: partition walls, residential greenhouses, industrial greenhouses, verandas and walkways, for swimming pool coverings, in transport stations, as curtain walls, for covering markets or car parks, as soundproofing panels.

Polycarbonate sheets are produced by an extrusion process and are available in thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 20 mm, the thickness being chosen according to the specifics of each project. Our company offers cellular polycarbonate sheets with 2, 3 or 7 walls, as well as polycarbonate sheets with glass fibre.

Polycarbonate sheets: range of available colours and sizes

The design made of polycarbonate sheets can also be customised with the range of colours and patterns available. Transparent, opal, black, bronze, blue, red, green polycarbonate sheets with glass fibre inserts are available, and for special projects orders can be placed for sheets in atypical sizes, the standard size being 2100 X 6000 mm.

Polycarbonate sheets: UV and impact resistance

The sheets are treated with a substance that provides protection against UV radiation. Impact resistance is due to the chemical structure. The level of resistance is unique due to the strong bonds created by the many molecules in the chemical composition. The sheets are very tough, yet flexible. The flexibility of the material provides high shock absorption and impact strength against external force. Polycarbonate is 200 times stronger (resistant) than glass.

Polycarbonate sheets: easy fitting

The sheets are lightweight and can be easily handled and mounted. However, we recommend the help of a professional to make the right joints and ensure perfect insulation. With the special profiles available in the Carboplak product range, assembly can be carried out very quickly. In our range you will find profiles, gaskets, ventilation strips, sealing strips, polycarbonate washers. with which your polycarbonate sheet project becomes reality in record time.

Polycarbonate sheets – maintenance

The sheets can be cleaned very easily by gently wiping with a cloth dipped in water or a wet sponge. By cleaning away deposits that have built up over time, which can scratch the sheets, the life span is prolonged. It is not recommended to use dry cloths, to remove deposits by hand, or to use a pressurised water jet, which will damage the tiles.

Strength of glass compared to the strength of a polycarbonate sheet

A polycarbonate sheet has a guaranteed strength of 10 years, which is only a fraction of the strength of glass. On the other hand, in outdoor constructions exposed to unpredictable weather conditions, being a breakable material, glass will not last.

In comparing glass – polycarbonate sheets, we recommend taking into account all the environmental elements in which the construction will be located. A polycarbonate sheet has a much higher impact resistance than glass.

Polycarbonate sheets or other materials?

When it comes to choosing a material for your building project, you should consider polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate sheets have many advantages: they are strong and durable, polycarbonate sheets are easy to work with, lightweight, easy to transport, weather resistant, UV resistant, recyclable, available in a variety of colours, affordable.

The Carboplak team is at your disposal for advice and useful tips on choosing the best polycarbonate sheets for your project. Feel free to contact us with any questions. All information is available on our Contact page or at office@carboplak.ro



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